Community service projects are available and encouraged at the Texas Pool. Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, American Heritage Girls, Trail Life USA, Indian Guides/Princesses, along with religious organizations and service groups, are invited to choose a Texas Pool service project and/or volunteer for service opportunities. Field Trips to the historic Texas Pool are also available. For more information, email

Service Project Ideas

Build one or more benches for use within the Texas Pool’s toddler play area. These benches should be of the same design of the current benches. They are to be made of wood and should be conditions to withstand being outside all season. They should be painted/decorated in the same style of the current benches. This project can be taken on at any time, but would be preferred to be completed by the end of April for use during the summer season.

Or… refurbish the five benches that are already in use in the toddler play area. This includes any repair, reconditioning, and possible repainting of the benches. This project should be taken on and completed in the off-season so usage of the benches is not impacted. 

A variant could be a “Need a Friend” bench. The concept is around anti-bullying. If a person is lonely or needs a friend to talk to, they could sit on the bench and another ambassador can see that and sit by them. 

Garden projects are both beautiful and useful. Past projects have included garden planters and a small herb and vegetable garden. Both are in need of some TLC. The three planter boxes currently on the deck should have any repairs performed and should be conditioned to remain outside for the season. This should include wood treatment and staining / painting. This project can be taken on at any time other than the summer season.

Behind the children’s play area along the fence between the pool and the volleyball court is a small garden area containing three crape myrtle trees. This area could be landscaped. A wood border should be used. Any contents in the garden area should be child-friendly and not contain any elements that could be picked up and brought to the pool. For example, river rocks would not be a solution as they could be brought by a child into the pool.  Any plants should be all-season and require little maintenance. Clearing of leaves each season should also be considered.  Some suggestions are to have Texas-shaped pavers with small pea-gravel or large rocks with tasteful plants around. Any concepts provided by the volunteer would need to be approved, but are welcomed. This project should be taken on and completed in the spring before the start of the summer season.

Build and install multiple habitats appropriate for native owls, hawks, and/or bats. Research would need to be performed by the volunteer to determine the best habitat design for species local in the area. Installation locations would be discussed and determined as part of the project. These animals benefit the natural management of insects and rodents in the area. This project can be taken on at any time and should be installed outside of the summer season.

Make enhancements to the existing BBQ deck. The deck should be conditioned and stained for outdoor use. Measure should be taken to prevent small animals from gaining access under the deck. The deck installation should be reinforced. Steps should be added for easier access. Other options or structural adjustments should be considered.

Create a structure that will hide the trash cans but still allow for access to enter trash and be able to take the cans out daily. Initial discussions are to place some polls for anchors and have chain link fence gates installed. These would be 4 feet in height and could have turf or other covering installed on them. Further design and specs are needed before the project can be approved.

A storage solution is needed for food items donated that will not fit in the My Little Pantry. This solution would need to be weatherproof and animal-proof. The location, design, and material need to be discussed. 

Shade covering is a must for all pools in summertime. The Texas Pool decks and entry areas are lacking a shade solution. Build in some Texas Pool shade for the health and enjoyment.

Since the deck is flagged for major repair/replacement it may make sense to include shade structures as part of the project or to be considered after the project is completed. Some other minor shade structures could be considered such as sails or fabric shades. This concept needs further planning and approval.

Recent Scout Projects

Wooden Bat Houses

Arman Uddin with Troop 259 built and installed several bat houses outside of The Texas Pool as part of his Eagle Scout project to help with conservation efforts in our community.

Refurbished Children’s Benches

Koen Kok of Troop 219 has completed the restoration of our four children's benches and built a fifth for his Eagle Scout project.
Jack Dobrott

Parent Benches

Jack Dobrott with Troop 380 built these wonderful benches for the Texas Pool as part of his Eagle Scout project.

Children’s Picnic Tables

A big Texas-sized thank you to Nick Escue from Troop 259 in Plano. He made these children’s picnic tables for the pool as part of his Eagle Scout project.

Portable Wooden Deck

Shray Rao with Scouts BSA Troop 219 built the Texas Pool's new portable wooden deck for his Eagle Scout project in August of 2020.

Community Lifejackets

The Texas Pool offers free use of lifejackets in a variety of sizes. Thank you to Children’s Health for donating these lifejackets to help save lives.

Community Garden

The Texas Pool has a community garden with fruits, vegetables and flowers. It is cultivated and maintained each season by volunteers and members of the community.

Toddler Playhouse

Many thanks to Girl Scout Troop 6553 Bronze Award for this fantastic playhouse built for the Texas Pool Toddler Zone in 2019.

Military & First Responders Honor Bulletin Board

Congrats to Eagle Scout Zachary Evans from Troop 1000! Zachary built a Texas Pool-sized Military and First Responders Bulletin Board to honor our community’s heroes.