Community service projects are available and encouraged at the Texas Pool. Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, American Heritage Girls, Trail Life USA, Indian Guides/Princesses, along with religious organizations and service groups, are invited to choose a Texas Pool service project and/or volunteer for service opportunities. Field Trips to the historic Texas Pool are also available. For more information, email

Service Project Ideas

Our community bulletin board outside the pool entry is currently in need of a little TLC. Our military and first responder board that was donated to the pool in 2018 is also now faded and in need of an update. We’d love to partner with someone who can refurbish the exterior board and solicit new pictures and stories for the military board. A corresponding dedication ceremony at our annual Memorial Day and Day of Remembrance event would be a great bonus!

We’d love to see enhancements made to the existing BBQ deck. The deck needs to be conditioned and stained for outdoor use. Measures need to be taken to prevent small animals from gaining access under the deck. The deck installation could be reinforced and steps could be added for easier access. Other options or structural adjustments would help.

The Texas Pool would benefit from a structure that hides the trash cans but still allows for access to enter trash and be able to take the cans out daily. Some ideas we’ve discussed are adding polls for anchors and having chain link fence gates installed. These would be 4 feet heigh and could have turf or other covering installed on them. Further design and specs are needed before the project can be approved.

A storage solution is needed for food items donated that will not fit in the My Little Pantry. This solution would need to be weatherproof and animal-proof. The location, design, and material need to be discussed. 

Shade covering is a must for all pools in summertime. The Texas Pool decks and entry areas are lacking a shade solution. Build in some Texas Pool shade for the health and enjoyment. Since the deck is flagged for major repair/replacement it may make sense to include shade structures as part of the project or to be considered after the project is completed. Some other minor shade structures could be considered such as sails or fabric shades. This concept needs further planning and approval.

Recent Scout Projects

Military & First Responders Honor Bulletin Board

Congrats to Eagle Scout Zachary Evans from Troop 1000! Zachary built a Texas Pool-sized Military and First Responders Bulletin Board to honor our community’s heroes.

Community Bulletin Board

Eagle Scout Christian Wilson with Troop 219 built the Texas Pool a community bulletin board in 2018.


Joseph Langton with Troop 219 built stanchions for his Eagle Scout project in 2018. The Texas Pool can use them for safety and special events.

Volleyball Court Benches

Thank you to Jack Metzger for the benches located just outside the Texas Pool near the city of Plano's sand volleyball court. Jack built the benches as part of his Eagle Scout project in 2018.