We need new volunteers for the off-season

Love the Texas Pool? We’re looking for new volunteers to help in the offseason and into next summer.

The Texas Pool is a 501c3 nonprofit that is managed and maintained by people like you! Our volunteers are members of the community who love the pool and want it to be a fun family destination for years to come. Plus, volunteering comes with its perks (think free or discounted parties and memberships). Message us for more info or fill out an application.

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Event Chair – Oversee the planning and executions of Texas Pool-sponsored events. The Event Chair would work with the Communications Director for marketing the event, ensure any performers are lined up (just 1 event a year), ensure supplies are purchased (most are already purchased) and be onsite for most events. (We have two Event Coordinators already to report to this position).
  • Volunteer Chair – Advocate for the pool to gain quality long-term volunteers, assign coaches to bring new volunteers up to speed, and use volunteer sites to schedule day volunteers.
  • Fundraising Chair/Committee – Help plan and execute fundraising projects to benefit the Texas Pool.
  • Historian – Interview and/or transcribe interviews with past patrons, attend Historic Downtown Plano meetings and give Texas Pool tours.
  • Misc. Small Roles – fundraising committee, events committee, party greeter, homeschool liaison, special needs liaison, Little Free Library and Little Free Pantry coordinator, Google & Yelp assistant, blog contributor, photographer, bulletin board manager, North Texas Giving Day coordinator, silent auction coordinator, snack bar volunteer, pool maintenance, handyman, plumber, electrician, painter, gardener and more