Guest Registration & Liability Release Form​

All guests and visitors to the Texas Pool must have a signed Guest Registration & Liability Release Form on file upon admission to the Texas Pool facility. Please encourage your guests to do this before arriving at the pool to help speed up the admission process. Minor children must have a form signed by the parent/guardian to be permitted to swim.

During Regular Pool Hours

Members may bring up to 10 guests without advance notice by paying $5/guest when arriving at the pool (or by using guest passes). For safety reasons, gatherings including more than 10 guests (swimmers and non-swimmers) will be handled as a regular party and will need to be scheduled in advance.

A non-refundable deposit equal to half the expected cost of the party must be paid when reserving the party.

Before or After Pool Hours

The pool will be open only for guests of the party host. No other members will be allowed to swim during these reserved times.

To secure a date for your private party, you must pay the deposit up front which includes half of your party price and a refundable deposit. The other half of your party payment is due upon arrival for your party.

All cleanup must be complete and all guests must depart at the end of the scheduled party time.

Lifeguards will require swimmers to be out of the pool 15 minutes before the party end time. For every 15 minutes past that time that any party guest or host remains at the pool, there will be a charge of $50.

BYOB alcohol is allowed with board approval. Please contact for details.

For All Parties

Reservations will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis and will be handled by the Texas Pool. Your signed contract and paid deposit will hold your party date and time.

All parties that are canceled due to weather will be rescheduled, and the deposit will be transferred to a new party date.

Parties must be reserved in advance so we have appropriate lifeguard coverage. If your party attendance exceeds the number originally requested, some guests may be required to wait to swim until we are able to call in additional lifeguards. The prices quoted include the number of lifeguards required for the number of people attending. Additional lifeguards may be requested at $30 per guard for two hours. Tipping the lifeguard staff is encouraged.

Party hosts are permitted to arrive 30 minutes early to begin setting up for the event. When arriving, the hosts should identify themselves to the lifeguards at the entrance.

Guests include both swimming and non-swimming attendees. A count will be taken of all guests as they arrive to determine the cost of the party. The remaining balance will be collected by the lifeguard at this time.

Guests must fill out a Guest Registration & Liability Release Form. This is necessary for insurance and safety purposes. The host is responsible for managing the behavior of their party guests and ensuring they abide by the Texas Pool Rules & Regulations.

You are allowed to bring in your own food, non-alcoholic drink & decorations. Alcoholic beverages are only allowed with prior board approval. Any party caught with alcohol will be asked to leave immediately and all payments forfeited to the Texas Pool.

Cleanup is entirely the responsibility of the party host and must be complete at the end of the scheduled party time. All trash is to be placed in the containers provided by the City of Plano. Lifeguards will provide trash bags, a water hose, and any necessary cleaning equipment for the use of the party host.

All other Texas Pool Rules & Regulations adopted by the board of directors will apply during all parties. Under the corporate bylaws, they are to be enforced by the Texas Pool staff.

Regarding Music and Sound

All party music must be via the pool’s sound system and must be family-friendly (radio edits). DJs and PA systems are NOT allowed; sound levels generated by professional sound systems are not acceptable. Party hosts may be asked to reduce excessive party noise. Sound volume, music and happy voices must be kept to a reasonable level appropriate for a party in the middle of a residential neighborhood; please be considerate.